Jun 5, 2008

Telling Ain't Training

An interesting article from Adobe brings up the question "How do you know that they know?".
Typically at the end of a course where the learner is given a wealth of information, the method for assessing any knowledge gained is by going through a multiple choice test. But just because they can answer questions correctly, does that really mean that they can perform correctly?
Frank Nguyen provides 5 steps to developing an eLearning assessment process:
  1. Identify instructional objectives
  2. Categorize objectives
  3. Select appropriate assessment
  4. Draft assessment items
  5. Develop assessment items

Categorize Instructional Objectives

Instructional objectives can be put into 5 categories: fact, concept, process, procedure and principles.

Select Appropriate Assessment
Based on the five different instructional objectives categories, you can use several assessment methods. The table below lists recommended and possible assessment methods.

Granted, the selling point for this article was to use Adobe Captivate, but the information is valid and very valuable.

Compliance 2.0

I got the idea for my 'Compliance 2.0' Lunch 'N Learn session from a webinar called "Compliance Training: Going Beyond the Check-it-off-the-list Approach".
The main theme here is when the primary goal becomes checking compliance training off the HR's to-do list, then the focus is on the delivery of training, not the behavior change needed to become compliant.
In my presentation I listed 4 points:
  1. Context is king
  2. Develop relevant content from business goals
  3. Answer the 'what's in it for me' for the learner
  4. Behavior change = Action learning

I will put my presentation online soon, but you can see the recorded webinar from the eLearn Campus website. You will need to register, but its free.