Nov 30, 2006

The training is what?

This semester I have been taking a course called the Evaluation and Assessment of Instructional Design. It discussed Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation and Return on Investment. It was very useful but it got me thinking. What kind of evaluation methods do we use here?

Once the course is developed and put out on Plateau, do you ever get feedback on how the course was received? Did the students enjoy taking it? Did they actually learn anything? How do we know that what we're doing works?

"Measuring E-learning's Effectiveness" is an article that lists the five areas that must be measured in order to know if our training was effective:
  • Enrollments. "Is the audience showing up?"
  • Activity. "Are people moving through the course?"
  • Completion. "Did they finish?"
  • Scores. "How well did he/she score?"
  • Feedback/Surveys. "Did they like it?"
These questions only account for the first two levels of evaluation, Reaction and Learning, but they are the stepping stones to determining students' attitudes towards the courses we are developing. We can't do our work in a vacuum; feedback is necessary for growth.

Be on the lookout for a CWD Idea Sharing meeting in the near future.


11/30/06 Meeting Materials

For those of you that missed today's meeting, Pat did a great job, and has loaded the materials that he distributed on the shared drive at I:\Sharedoc\CWD Group\Reference Documents\Flash\BCF_Course_Guidelines.

It's very valuable infromation, especially the course framework (which can be used for any course in Flash) and the accompanying XML file.

Any questions, let Pat or me know.

By the way, you can check out an example of a course with Pat's template here.
BCF - Module 3: Intro to FCM

And so it begins...

The wheels have started turning for a more unified LSS instructional design team.

Mike has started the CWD Idea Sharing weekly meetings where we can become more knowledgable and skilled in instructional design. This will help us all become stronger team members and to build LSS into a more consistent group.

This site is an extension of the weekly meetings. Here we can post ideas, share relevent web sites or be a discussion board on ID topics. I hope that with the new year together we can help this group evolve.